Love Season : Farmer’s Dreams [v1.4]

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Love Season is a unique Visual Novel that takes inspiration from Farmer’s Dreams. Originally, our plan was to retell the same story as Farmer’s Dreams but in a different format, allowing players to enjoy the narrative without the gameplay mechanics. However, we soon realized that we wanted to offer something fresh and exciting for FD fans.


  • Date: 19/April/2023
  • Name: Love Season: Farmer’s Dreams
  • Version: 1.4
  • Incest Content: Brother-Sister, Fcousin-Mcousin, HalfBrother-Sister
  • Dev: MuseX
  • Patcher: Family Fun (Big fat thanks)
  • Port: Incg
Incest Patch Information
  • This is a change in script and so this mod will only work with version 1.4 and will end the game there even after future chapters are released.
  • Finally finished the patch.
  • The previous patch upgraded Nova to sister and Nina to cousin. This patch brings incest to pretty much the entire town and they talk about it constantly. Also Elise is promoted to Mom.
  • Mia is now a psychopath.
  • It takes 45 min to run the game start to finish on skip so this didn’t get tested extensively but I’m pretty sure it works.


Nice looking characters, the patch is great. Does have lots of content, no blueballs.


VN mode, No grind.


windows iconWindows/Linux+ Incest + Gallery Unlock:

Apk iconAndroid+ Incest + Gallery Unlock:

Walkthrough (up to v1.3 Ch8 pdf)


Last Updated on April 19, 2023

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The game breaks every 5 secs, and i cant save, qs or autosave. I’ll try to reinstall or to get it running on pc (on android rn) because this is def in my top 20 list of incest games.
Beautiful renders, models, lighting, scenery, decent music and enough incest to make my hand go numb. Also, this is an excellent site, as i have trouble finding pre-patched games for android. Also the ones with no incest content but with an excellent incest patch like this dont show up in f95zone.




I thought it was version 1.5 lol


New update, with incest path


[deleted, accidentally posted duplicate comment]

Last edited 3 months ago by Marshall32

Hey, I know you’re probably busy. But if you find some free time could you please update this game there’s already 1.7 released and this is the best game in this site imo. I’ve been using your save game location in Android so your update might be easy to use and is trustworthy. Thanks

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