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Imagine having the opportunity to start anew. Imagine being able to create a better life than the ones filled with pain and mistreatment you endured. What if you could exact revenge on those who wronged you and obtain everything you always wanted? As you wake up in a younger body, thirty years in the past, what course of action will you take? The decision is yours to make. Formerly Extra Life.


  • Date: 17/December/2023
  • Name: Goodbye Eternity
  • Version: 0.8.1 Animated
  • Incest Content: Foster( Mother-Son, Brother-Sister)
  • Dev: RNGeusEX
17/December/2023 – Updated to v0.8.1

**Important information**: new games that were started with 0.8.0 are broken. Please do not use them. Saves that started from an 0.7.X or earlier version are fine.

## Bugfix
– Fixed Noriko storyline starting when Sakuya’s was not completed
– New facial expression names were not translated within the sprite gallery
– Some CGs were not unlocked after finishing Noriko’s maledom storyline
– Hidden stashes were not collectible in the new areas
– Fixed Noriko’s background sprite being displayed during a certain sequence of the new storyline

This update was intended to be released on Godot, but due to time constraints it was not ready. So it still uses Ren’Py as an engine, and will most likely be the last one using it.
As such, translations are not ready, because we anticipated the engine change.

## Added
– Noriko’s maledom storyline
– 20k words
– 3 new locations
– 9 new location variants
– 7 new CGs
– 32 new CG variants
– 5 new animations
– 27 new animation variants (1:45 minutes)
– One new character
– New facial expressions for Saito and Noriko
– New trailer added upon first startup (can be viewed in the main menu by clicking the trailer button)
– New main menu layout. If particles make your device slow down too much, you can enable “potato mode” in the settings.

## Modifications
– Veteran start is now available only after finishing the 0.7 storyline (Sakuya)

## Bugfix
– Fixed Sakuya’s moans not stopping after her room repeat scene
– Fixed flash occurring at the wrong time in Sakuya’s bath scene
– Fixed video loading time for Asami’s room scene
– Fixed Macumba’s training CG being displayed incorrectly

5/September/2023 – Updated to v0.7.9


3/June/2023 – Updated to v0.7
  • Sakuya’s storyline, prepare for trouble…
  • 20k words
  • 10 new locations
  • 24 new location variants
  • 7 new CGs
  • 28 new CG variants
  • 4 new animations
  • 22 new animation variants (1:38 minutes)
  • One new character
  • New sprite clothing for Saito, Noriko, Asami and Sakuya (may slightly spoil the story, so beware opening the sprites gallery)
  • Option to make the textbox transparent
  • Diagnostic data collection, more info in the ingame disclaimer
  • Keyboard shortcuts to quickly access some user interfaces (PC only):
  • m: open navigation menu
  • p: open preferences menu
  • s: open save menu
  • l: open load menu
  • g: open gallery menu
    When using the gallery menu, you can press 1-5 to access the corresponding element
  • r: open rename menu
  • x: open skins menu
    For technical reasons, saves, gallery, skins and rename menus cannot be accessed on the main menu.
  • Dialogue skipping is now interrupted when changing location. A new parameter “Skip after location change” has been added to revert back to the old behavior. If you hate this new change don’t hesitate to tell RNG, he’ll owe Selenyhr a pizza
  • Reworked Natsume’s appearance
  • Removed the inventory display
  • Asami’s love/corruption clothing selection is now automatic
  • Changed some dialogue thanks to the work done by the community on the collaborative translation tool
  • Fixed some CG displaying when running
5/April/2023 – First Upload, v0.6.91
  • A few extra story quests for Yasuka’s corruption route, leading to repeatable scenes
  • Sound effects for a few animations (also works in the classic version of the game)
  • New build options with censored images and animations for the countries that require censor to be applied
  • New internal development tools to allow for collaborative translation tools to be used for the game
  • Migrated Ren’Py engine version to 8.0.3, which will lead to better performance. Skins made with an earlier version of the engine are still compatible.
  • Optimized CGs file sizes
  • Several dialogue fixes
  • Fixed Asami not taking money from the player in corruption route if player had the prerequisite amount
  • Improved clouds passing by smoothness in most exterior backgrounds


Pretty good, relatively new but is growing real fast. Incest is unfortunately stepcest/fostercest(if that is a thing :P).


Sandbox, has unavoidable grind(not very grindy).

Cheat Codes (Kind of…)

You need to collect all money spots in-game to unlock more money…

  • more = +5000¥
  • MacumbaEverywhere = Try this, trust me


Goodbye Eternity v0.8.1

windows iconWindows/Linux:


Last Updated on December 17, 2023

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This is one of the best incest games like period.


0.7.9 Now available


dev makes 13k a month wow the best 3dcd of anime style by far anything else compareable?


Ther are some pretty nice lolis in this game as i can see on the imgs


а когда завезут русский язык?

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