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Another “Big Brother” based game but in space.
You find yourself stranded with your ship’s hyperdrive malfunctioning, leaving you reliant on reaching a Federation space station for assistance.

As the first humans to enter into contact with the Federation, you and your crew are assigned to separate sections of the station.

While Ann and Lisa are acknowledged for their skills and provided with jobs, you and Alice are classified as drones, confining you to your designated section until further notice from the station administrator. Meanwhile, Kira the aunt, remaining crew member, is undergoing medical examination cause of the detection of a parasite within her stasis pod.


  • Date: 15/April/2024
  • Name: Big Brother In Space
  • Version: v0.9.4
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Aunt-Nephew
  • Important Tags: NTR
  • Dev: Lewd Fiction Games
  • Android: incg
15/April/2024 – Updated to v0.9.4



  • added new paths to Ann’s quest
  • extended Kira’s quest
  • extended Kira’s events with sex scenes
  • over 280 new images
  • over 150 new animations
26/Jan/2024 – Updated to v0.8.5

– complete rework of the opportunities to new character quests
added a VN mode
– fixed a few bugs
– added/extended some of the repeatable events to reflect the story progression in 0.8.0

Just keep in mind you either need to load a complete save from 0.8.0 or start a new game in order for the new quests to be properly migrated. Also if you want to play in the newly added VN mode, you have to start a new game. There is no way to switch between game modes mid-play. Once all the current content in the game is over in the VN mode, it will fallback to the usual sandbox. You can save your progress in both the VN play or after it’s over, the game will remember your choice and once I release the next version, it will pick you from where you left and continue in the VN mode (until of course the new content is over and falls back to the sandbox mode again).

This version does not add new story progression in the game, but it does add a few repeatable events like the blackjack game with Olivia and Lisa, the evening TV event with Alice is extended to include the scenes in 0.8.0, her blog events as well include the masturbation and the handjob choices and also you get the night events with Olivia and Lisa depending on who lost the blackjack game and has to sleep naked.


– 7 new steps in the ‘Blog’ opportunity (4 new scenes)
– 5 new steps in the ‘Schoolmate’ opportunity (3 new scenes)
– ~100 new animations
– ~150 new images


– added the Festival event
– over 120 new animations
– over 280 new images
– a couple of new characters

30/August/2023 – First Upload v0.6.6


Quite new. Just like the original, has NTR elements.

There is Glamour(On Hold, could be Abandoned), the non-ntr alternative from original dev Dark Silver.

Content: 2100+ Images, ~418 Shorts/Animations for v0.8.5.


Sandbox, expect grind.


Big Brother In Space v0.9.4 + Incest Patch

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):


Last Updated on April 14, 2024

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this one have animated scenes unlike original?


I know you most likely bussy but can you update this game heard that it has a few updates


Has anyone heard if this game has any new updates yet or is this game abandoned…or are they waiting to update this game after a few updates


The incest mod isn’t integrated into the v9.4 Windows version, and my old sandbox version saves don’t work.

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